Cristina Costa

Cheif Marketing Officer & Head of Business Development

Cristina Costa has been working in the technology vertical for the past 5 years. Most recently she worked as Head of Business Development and Diversity at a startup called Quattrocero, a technology company that creates jobs through professional training and education through AR/VR technology for manufacturing industries in Mexico and beyond. Previously, Cristina was a Customer Success Manager at a hyper growth startup in Boston called Drift. Serving as Chief Marketing Officer at Women with Purpose, Cristina brings her marketing experience of working as the Director of Marketing and Student Engagement at Duet, an organization whose mission is to provide affordable degrees to low income adults and working as Digital Marketing Manager at Lendbuzz, a financial tech startup in Boston. As a cultured Latina who has lived and taught abroad for over 3 years; Cristina has experience working in high schools, higher education administration, non-profit and technology verticals.

Throughout her professional experiences, Cristina has witnessed a tremendous lack of diversity, which is why she is so passionate about diversity and inclusion and creating empowering spaces for marginalized communities to learn, thrive and connect. Cristina is passionate about racial and gender equality and creating opportunities for people of color in all sectors — especially the technology vertical. Besides her deep commitment and involvement with Women with Purpose for the past 4 years, Cristina is also involved with organizations such as the TechConnection, Resilient Coders, BigSister, ForeFront, Building Impact, New Leaders Council and the DesignMuseum.

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